About Giovan

Giovan is a Guatemalan-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA who enjoys creating introspective pop music.
His debut single, “Listen to my Demons” is a semi-dark walk through a haunting musical landscape that questions what one is supposed to do when they feel that their inner demons are their only friends?
This question is answered with the help of Aria Chablis King, who is featured on the song as a piano player and singer.
Aria Chablis King also plays a second role as the owner of Fueled by Purple Records; which Giovan signed to in early 2021. 
Fueled by Purple Records is the story-centric music label which releases comic pages with each musical release, that was founded by Aria Chablis King, A.K.A. Baby Girl, with her father Nathanial D. King A.K.A. The Producer Known as Vertigo. The unique music label released Giovan’s debut single “Listen to My Demons” (feat. Aria Chablis King), and is currently working on producing Giovan’s first full album; which is expected to be released by early 2022.
When Giovan is contemplating the reasons for becoming a recording artist, he turns to how he is able to help others. “Through some of the toughest moments in my life music has been the one thing that I could always fall back on. And I think this has a lot to do with why I make music. I want my music to be an escape and a place of comfort for anyone who has ever felt alone.
The one goal that directs my music career choices are that I want to be able to touch souls in a positive way. If a song that I write helps as little as just one person, then that is more than enough reason to do it. Also, being #1 on the billboard charts someday would be pretty dope too.”
Giovan’s favorite artist and influence is Birdy. ” I would say she is my biggest inspiration. The way she tells stories is pure magic, and her music has had such a major impact on my life for many years.”
Giovan is also currently working on some major collaborative creative projects outside of music that he is not yet allowed to talk about. Lets just suffice it to say that he may be warming up some camera lenses very soon with his lovable charm.
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